Raja 2024 Winner Nari Raghubir

Nari Raghubir wins the Raja Competition CRC 2024


Congratulations to Nari and his song Sati as it won the Raja Competition CRC 2024 (CRC Raja 2024). Nari continues his rich vein of form as he recently won the Award for Breakthrough Artist of the year 2024. Nari and his team gratefully accepted the CRC Raja 2024 title and promised to represent the brand fully both locally and internationally.

Camille “Ranji Baby” Ranjitsingh retained her title of Rani 2024 (CRC Rani 2024).

In the youth competitions, Katelin Sultan retained her title of Rajkumari 2024 (CRC Rajkumari 2024). Unfortunately, no one entered the Rajkumar Competition for 2024 (CRC Rajkumar 2024).

For those who don’t understand hindi, we have entered the english translations of the CRC titles below:

  1. Raja = King
  2. Rani = Queen
  3. Rajkumar = Prince
  4. Rajkumari = Princess.

Check out the winning songs:

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