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Navita Mahato is the First Ever Chutney Soca Rani (Queen)

1,073 views is proud to crown the first ever Chutney Soca Rani (Queen), Navita Mahato. Navita topped the Rani Competition 2021 (CRC 2021) with her song Choday Balaam was greatly received by the judges and her finals entry was fitting of a Queen where she was brought in to tassa. Assistant Judge, Sneha Khanwalkar remarked “You beat that f….ing snare!” Princess Ashanie of the US came second. Sirf Kiran of UK placed third, Tanty Sandra of Trinidad & Tobago placed fourth and Asha Rambaran Saywerth placed 5th. Ricardo Melville or Daddy Chinee won the Raja Competition 2021 To see the full CRC 2021 Raja results, click here.

1st – Navita Mahato
2nd – Princess Ashanie
3rd – Sirf Kiran
4th – Tanty Sandra
5th – Asha Rambaran Saywerth

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