Pitri Paksh Guidelines

Pitri Paksh Guidelines


Pitri Paksh GuidelinesToday (02.09.2020) we begin the Pitri Paksh Period where we pay homage to our ancestors. You can follow this simple guide to perform your offerings.

Even though we are adhering to COVID-19 protocols and restrictions I will try my best to assist devotees and guide you through the various forms of worship safely from your home.


Pitri Paksh Observance 2020 By Pundit Narad Gosine
Pitri Paksh is a period dedicated to the deceased ancestors, these rituals are performed to pay homage to please the departed souls and also to help attain Moksha (liberation).

Offering are made to Lord Shree Krishna and chanting of veres from the Bhagavad Gita together with the following:-


  • Water
  • Flowers
  • Black Till
  • White Rice
  • Tulsi Leaves

Offer On Kush Grass While Chanting

  • East – Om Bhramhanay Tripyantam – 5 Times
  • West – Om Vishnavay Tripyantam – 5 Times
  • North – Om Rudrasya Tripyantam – 5 Times
  • South – Om Yamaaya Tripyantam – 5 times

Middle on the knot made Kush Grass

  • Om Deva Pitri Tripyantam
  • Om Rishi Kul Pitri Tripyantam
  • Om Guru Kul Pitri Tripyantam
  • Om Mataa Kul Pitri Tripyantam
  • Om Pita Kul Pitri Tripyantam
  • Om Sarva Kul Pitri Tripyantam
  • Om Sarva Bandhu Pitri Tripyantam
  • Om Sarva Kul Samast Pitri Tripyantam
  • Om Sarva Pitri Tripyantam

PS: On the last day of your offering 

  • Sweet Rice & Vegetarian Food ( cook and placed at the base of the kush grass with tulsi leaves, a deeya with ghee and agarbatti ).
  • Havan and offering of a pinda should be also performed to achieve most benefit of Pitri Paksha Vrat.
  • A seedha and dakshina and a suit of clothing should be given to a brahmin and if possible allowhim to eat at your home.

Credits to – Pundit Narad Gosine

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