Rennie Ramnarine is in The Intensive Care Unit

Rennie & Raymond Ramnarine

Rennie Ramnarine, singer and guitarist for the popular local band Dil-E-Nadan, is in intensive care.

A post on Saturday from the band’s lead singer and Rennie’s brother, Raymond Ramnarine, said Rennie was “in ICU” (the intensive care unit) but that his health was “much better” than it was on Friday.

On Friday, he asked people to pray for his brother.

“To all my friends & family… plz say a prayer for my brother, Rennie. We need all the prayers in this world. C’mon baby boy… fight through this please.”

On his GoFundMe page, Rennie explained that he was diagnosed with renal failure in February 2019 and has been undergoing dialysis since then. He was hospitalised at San Fernando General in January 2020 where he spent a week in ICU and was warded for two more weeks.

“When the kidneys are not working well, your hormone system, which regulates blood pressure, has to work harder to increase blood supply to the kidneys. When this happens, your heart has to pump harder which can lead to heart disease.

“As a result of the deteriorating health of my heart I am unable to undergo a kidney transplant at this time. I have had multiple procedures done to improve the health of my heart in order to have a kidney transplant.”

The GoFundMe account ( has so far raised US$12,211, just over half the goal of US$20,000.

Dil-E-Nadan singer Rennie Ramnarine back in ICU

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