Richard Ramnarine The GLUE that hold Dil E Nadan Together!

Richard Ramnarine: Dil E Nadan a Well Oiled Machine!


Well-oiled machine: What or who is the driving force behind the scenes that works tirelessly to keep Dil E Nadan pumping?

His name is Richard Ramnarine.

Here is what Dil E Nadan had to say about their manager:

The One Word That Makes A Great Manager – DECISIVENESS.
Richard Ramnarine – The Manager of Dil E Nadan, The Hardest Worker In The Industry, A Very Big Thank You To Him From The Entire Team. He Cares About His Team, He Inspires And Motivates Everyone To Work Harder, His Vision And Goals Is One That Is Only For Success. He Ensures Everyone Is Happy And Is Always A Mentor To Them. #dilenadan #saynotoracism #bestmanager #thebestisyettocome





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