Sheldon Francis

Sheldon Francis (SKF) needs your Help to Cover Heart Surgery Costs


Sheldon Francis, affectionately known as SKF, had emergency open heart surgery on November 27, 2020.

As there was immense calcium buildup in his main valve, a pig’s valve was used as a replacement. That, with his existing pacemaker, is what will keep him going.

Although he is doing well at Toronto General, there’s still a long way to go for a full recovery.
Due to the very lengthy recovery period (minimum 8 months), these funds will help assist and sustain him during this time.

As he has done SO much for our community, it’s now our turn to support him and show him the same love he’s shown us.

Funds can be emailed to: [email redacted]
and/or donations can be accepted here though GoFundMe.

Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

SKF Update!!!!
Firstly, Thank You to everyone that supported, you have no idea how much this will help SKF over the next few months.
This is an update to give those whom have helped and contributed towards the Let’s Help SKF Go Fund Me.
The status of SKF (Sheldon) at the moment, he under went open heart surgery and replaced his arotic valve which was severely blocked for a few years, through out his pain and suffering, SKF never showed the public what he was dealing with.
The surgery was successful in replacing the old valve with a pig valve which is durable and has a life span for approximately 15 years.
Due to the old valve and the damage done to the heart, SKF will have PERMANENT heart damage which will function at 33% here on in.
He has a long road to recovery and alot of medication he has to take is not covered, this is why we ask you all to continue to support and contribute towards the Help SKF Fund.
He no longer is working with City Of Toronto as a youth supervisor in which he ran youth programs for trouble youth in Flemingdon Park, again giving back to his community.
SKF literally gave his heart to our business and industry helping promoters, DJs, businesses, Nightclubs or anyone in our scene who needed his help.
Hope this update clarifies
his status for those asking why a go fund me was created.
Again it’s a choice to give not a must.
We thank those that contributed already it’s well appreciated by SKF.
For those who may want to send a message to SKF do so on IG @skfthechamp
So as the Christmas approaches let’s give The Champ A Good One..
Continue to share and support our goal..
Thank you and in the words of our good friend..
The Champ Is Here!! #skfstrong Sheldon Francis
Here is the link for the go fund me for those who still want to help 🙏🙏🙏🙏


Please consider Donating to keep our culture alive





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