What is Shivratri: The Night of Lord Shiva


Shivratri…the night of lord Shiva.

Im sure weve all heard of and will hear the wonderful stories of Lord Shiva in temple Tomorrow night as we do every Shivratri. However, my awe and passion lie in the more interesting and unorthodox details and theories in regards to our supreme Lord Shiva.

Shiva isnt just the matted hair Ganja smoking God that we adore. He isnt just the one you pray to when you are sick or want a child. Shiva, is a very real energy which surrounds us. Hinduism and many of its scriptures have more to do with science than anything else. Like 4000 year old text books trying to explain science in story form.

First of all, We know that “Nataraja” is the dancing form of Lord Shiva and he is considered as the supreme God of “Naatya” meaning dance. Tandava, the “divine” dance performed by him is said to be the source of creation, preservation and destruction. This “dance” is actually a scientific concept.

Atoms are the tiniest particles which constitute the base for everything in this Universe, from air to water, animals to cars and so on…..Every solid, liquid and gas is made up of atoms. Without atoms, there is no existence of life. Atoms are further divided into subatomic particles called Protons, Neutrons and Electrons .

Protons have positive electric charge, Electrons have negative electric charge and Neutrons have no electric charge

The connection between the science and the mythology is that if personified, we can represent “Proton” with positive electric charge as “Vishnu ; “Electron” with negative electric charge as “Brahma” and “Neutron” with no electric charge as “Shiva”.

Everything in the Universe dances. The Sun, the moon, planets, stars, etc. Atoms included. Even the subatomic particles move. Without this dance or spin, there is no atom at all. If there is no atom, there is no life. Shiva is the life.

Its said that Lord Shiva currently resides at the peak of Mount Kailash in the Himalayan region. This is probably metaphorically speaking. Or is it? its been proven that if a person is in the vacinity of Mount Kailash for 3 days, they would age 2 weeks worth. Fingernail and hair growth would be what it would in 2 weeks time. American and Russian scientist teams claim that there is something, some sort of energy or radiation eminating from the mountain. They also claim that the top of mountain is not Natural but rather resembles a pyramid. Mount Kailash is also said to be the Axis Mundi, or the Axis of the universe.

At the Tiruvannamalai Shiv Temple in southern India, there is an ancient Agni Lingam that emminates a type of radiation or heat that can not only be felt, but residue from the type of “radiation” can be seen on the walls. Id like to beleive that most ancient Shiv temples had similar Lingams. This just happens to be one of the few that still work. Many devotees from all over the world visit this Temple especially to meditate. The radiaton or vibratons apparently have a very positive effect on brain waves and psyche. Some theorists, including my self beleive this Agni Lingam is a sort of Tesla coil. Coincidentally, Tesla along with the Nazis gained vast ammounts of Technology and knowledge from the Vedas. Once again, Lord Shiva seems to be the embodiment of this energy.

A Tesla Coil, like the Agni Lingam in south india emmits radiation or “wireless electricity” so to speak. How convenient that is for the human body. What better way to “recharge” your psyche as well as the rest of your body. The human body has often been reffered to as a battery, which we are so to speak. There is well over a trillion volts in the Human body. Electricity is essential. Were dead if there is no voltage in our bodies. A voltage is what keeps our hearts beating as well as keeping our individual cells alive. Check your self out on a volt meter.

Cellular charges even control how and where a structure forms in a developing embryo. Its been discovered that it’s also possible to manipulate bodily forms just by changing the voltage patterns of its cells.

The case of a human body being a battery is even more evident in the fact that “grounding” seems to be a much acclamied healing technique. By simply removing your shoes and walking barefoot on the earth for at least an hour a day can have profound medical benifits. This is also clearly evident in the lack of western illnesses in more “primative” cultures like african or south american tribes where walking barefoot on the ground is most common.

Regardless, there seems to be some corelation between life, energy, electricity…. and Shiva. He is the one you pray to for Life its self and so much more. The Supreme. Hence tomorrow night…is the night of nights. Did I mention he is the Lord of…Ganja!. Harahara mahadev.

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