Too Much Bread (Bahut Jyada Rotee) - DJ Floops

Too Much Bread (Bahut Jyada Rotee) – DJ Floops


This 2023 Chutney Soca Music satirical song furthers the story of the hit chutney soca song, Damini where she and DJ Floops first met and fell in love. Years after, Floops has grown resentful of Damini who has failed to improve her roti cooking skills but has always a willing girlfriend. Like a true-to-life, dog and the bone scenario, Floops leaves his Trinidadian girlfriend, Damini for hot girl, Anita from Mississauga, Canada but discovers she can’t cook at all and gives him only bread to eat ALL THE TIME. Listen to the song to hear how the story developed.


Too much bread, I go dead
Too much bread, I go dead
Too much bread, I go dead
boi i really getting scared

I sorry to see that I leave Damini,
Doh matter how she try, she couldn’t swell me roti,
The way to meh heart is through meh belly,
Buh she miss that lesson entirely.

I liming Anita from mississauga,
she wa shack up and live in jupa,
talking to sarobhai, I started to cry,
cuz anita cooking is only wind pie.

i ask mausa, what wrong with he daughta
the gyal cyar even cook,
she gone and bun d wata,
is this my destiny,
ah tunning pagli,
she only want to make love on hungry belly

bahut jyada rotee
0 nahin

Anita, i love you
but this else is true
you just don’t have no
jaadu in yuh callaloo
i let out a sigh
and tell she buh bye
back to damini
to make another try


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