Katelin's mom said "It's Neeshad's birthday and we want to surprise him. This is our gift to him from Katelin, Kaylee and myself Kerryann Sultan. Only yesterday we recorded it,this track was recorded, mix and Mastered by Vedesh Gayadeen in GT Studios , it's called dilbaro by 8 year old Katelin Sultan.This song is her daddy's favorite, he cries everytime she sings it for him. He don't have any idea we did this for him it's a big surprise."

Chutneymusic.com Top 10 Countdown – 18th August 2022


Chutneymusic.com Top 10 Countdown – 18th August 2022:

  1. Katelin Sultan – Dilbaro 
  2. Dimple Sahadeo – Yeh Mera Dil
  3. Satish Udairam – Why you Living So
  4. Kenneth Salick – She Want Ah 4×4 Van
  5. Vandi Music – Jumma Chumma De De Remix
  6. Melanie Boodhwa – Hote Hote Pyar Ho Gaya
  7. Veejai Ramkissoon – Channa Mereya x In Case You didn’t Know
  8. Aaron Jewan Singh – Dhobiya Jal Biche
  9. Savita Singh – Chataniya
  10. Riaz Ali – Maco Inn

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