Vaneeta Gobin is the Superhero manager behind Ravi B and Karma

Vaneeta Gobin is the Superhero manager behind Ravi B and Karma


Ravi B said that Since we are honoring great women,
I would like to take this opportunity to honor @vaneetag for not only being the manager of Karma and myself for the last 10 years(Nov 1,2012 – present day) but for the very important role of Greatness that she play as an all rounder team player behind the scenes of my career.
Examples of her recent brilliance would be the ideas and video concepts for The Wedding Party, The Birthday song( Celebrate) The Sundar Medley and ‘Go Back’.
My outfits and social media ideas is mostly influenced by her. She is also my best friend and is one of the stronger influences on myself to ignore the noise.
I can talk about the things she do but it may take hours of reading but I just want to touch one more thing that she recently did for me and I will forever be greatful.
She is the person who dealt with my entire immigration situation that recently happened which I will probably talk about sometime in the future. A lot of people would never know what goes on behind the story of Ravi B, Karma and by extension the entire Chutney Soca Industry but know this for sure.
Apart from my family (Anil, Nalini, Nisha, Mom, Dad, Nel, Nigel, Raj, neices and nephews being my rock and founders of my success, apart from my loyal and besties Shiva, Randy and Stephy always being there in my down and up times helping me in the best way possible, apart from the love, commitment and dedication of my Karma members, apart from the Big Boys Andrew(SOS), Sunjay(Boobee), Tony Chowlin, my day one producer Rishi Mahato and the love of my fans always being there for me..
Vaneeta Gobin is the Superhero of my story and my career.

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