32 Qualify for Chutney Soca Monarch Semi Finals 2022

Chutney Soca Monarch 2022
Chutney Soca Monarch 2022


More than 60 artistes submitted entries for the upcoming Chutney Soca Monarch carded for Carnival Saturday 26th February 2022.
Southex received 8 foreign entries – 2 from Guyana, 2 from Canada and 4 from USA.

32 artistes have qualified for the Semi Final round which will be recorded on Thursday 27th January. The Semi Final round will be recorded at a sterile location with no audience present, however judges will view the performances. 32 video clips of these performances will then be released through social media – YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram and through our ‘official’ TV provider, TTT.

Part of the criteria will include # of views across the platforms, plus there will be a text voting element through our telecommunications provider, TSTT.

Our goal is to reach more than 1M viewers during the two week process of the semi final.

The 32 artistes are as follows –

  1. Ganesh Boodoo – DollyBoy (Canada)
  2. Ranjeev Ramdeen (USA)
  3. Prince JP (USA)
  4. Damian Sookram (USA)
  5. Vishnu Ramkaran – Vee Ram
  6. Sajivan Gayadeen – GVON
  7. Kendel Jaggernauth – Captain Kendel
  8. Kenneth Salick
  9. Nisha Ramsook
  10. Denesh Sookaran – Unique Touch
  11. Sangeeta Harrypersad
  12. Shazeena Ramsumair- Sexy Shazzie
  13. Russel M
  14. Ricardo Melville- Daddy Chinee
  15. Visham Balkissoon
  16. Rohanie Ramdass- Nel
  17. Kumar Sieunarine – MrNiceVibes
  18. Navin Prabhoo
  19. Vishan Mohammed
  20. Ricky Khandoo
  21. Mario Jitman
  22. Veejai Ramkissoon
  23. Ramrajie Prabhoo
  24. Neeshan Prabhoo
  25. Saleem Beharry
  26. Raquel John
  27. Michael Salloum
  28. Jairam Dindial
  29. Shiva Lakhan
  30. Raju Lalo
  31. Robin Jagdip
  32. Avinash Sookraj

There were no qualifications from Guyana.
Only 12 will move on to the Grand Final.

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