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Kishore Ramdath “Wizzy”


Kishore Ramdath was born 15th June 1980 in Chickland Village, Freeport, Trinidad & Tobago. He grew up in a Hindu home and his father influenced him to learn the harmonium in Temple. He went to the Chickland RC Primary School and for Secondary School, he attended Carapichaima Junior and Senior Secondary School. He formalised his piano knowledge when he obtained a Certificate from the Trinity School of Music, London and attained an artist Diploma from NAPA.

In 1996, he was a member of the 1996 Marabella based band Rangeela. In 1999, he joined Beena Sangeet. He spent 12 years with Dil E Nadan which he joined on 2002. He was scouted by Dil E Nadan’s manager, Richard Ramnarine as a replacement for Richard’s father, Tole, who was scheduled for retirement. Frontline Singer, Raymond Ramnarine wanted Kishore to choose a stage name since his real name was too close to Kishore Kumar. Ramdath chose “WHizz Kid” since he was a savant with the piano but Raymond shortened it to “Wizzy”. Ramdath admitted that he did not like the sobriquet at first but the name stuck!

In 2011 he met and fell in love with Vidya Balgobin, whom he later married in 2014. Kishore expressed an interest to further his musical knowledge and wanted to do a Bachelor’s in Music. He received the blessing of Dil E Nadan to leave the band that same year to pursue his education. The sabbatical did not last long because he began to miss music. After discussion with his wife; they decided to open a bandroom and studio at their home thus the Avatar Band and Wizz Studio was born. Wizz Studio was a natural progression for Ramdath as he was an uncredited producer in FM studios where he worked on hits like Rona by Rick Ramoutar and Khan Pera Totiya by Hemlatha Dindial (just to name a few). Avatar the Band’s first gig was the 2015 Republic Bank Diwali Celebrations. The Avatar went on to play weekly at events.

Kishore likes to make people laugh and be a light in people’s life. The biggest fan of Kishore Ramdath’s comedy is his son who was born in 2019. Kishore Wizzy Ramdath is humbled by the success of his business ventures; Wizz Studios & Avatar the Band. He hopes that the can become one of the Top Brands in Entertainment.

Here are some of the songs he was involved in:

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