Rishi Gayadeen & the RG Band Completes a Clean Sweep at the CRC 2022

Rishi Gayadeen & the RG Band Completes a Clean Sweep at the CRC 2022


Veteran Music Producer and keyboard maestro Rishi Gayadeen often referred to as RG Band or RG Productions produced all three winning songs at the recently completed Chutneymusic.com Rani, Raja, Rajkumar & Rajkumari competition 2022 or CRC 2022.
Here is what he had to say about the sweep:

Congratulations to all the winners of CRC chutneymusic.com 2022.
All the winners in each category WAS PRODUCED by Rishi Gayadeen /RG PRODUCTIONS.
Very proud of all the winners!!
RG productions to the world !! Big up yuhself 😎

Congratulations to all the winners of the CRC 2022 titles .
To One of RG THE BAND’s frontline singers Ricardo Melville aka daddy chinee , always making us proud giving a great and well rounded performance each and everytime.
Ranji Baby, who is a part of the RG PRODUCTIONS Chutney invasion.
Aditya Seepersad, an up and coming young artiste that was supported and produced at no cost by Rishi Gayadeen, as he saw this youth’s potential and was more than willing to support this young man’s passion in becoming a part of our local music industry.
Well done to each and everyone of the artistes that recorded at RG STUDIOS and trusted in our capabilities as well as supporting our vision to make our culture great by maintaining a high standard of quality in musical productions as RG THE BAND AND THE MAN , has created a BRAND like no other!!
Years of dedication and hard work is the foundation of our success and it will continue to as we forge the trail into the future, always uplifting our traditions and culture.

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