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CRC 2022


Aditya Seepersad won the first ever CRC Rajkumar (Prince) 2022 title. Unfortunately, no princesses (females under the age of 18) entered the CRC 2022 Rajkumari competition.

Ricardo Melville better known as Daddy Chinee won the CRC 2022 Raja Title by unanimous judges decision.

This meant that Daddy Chinee successfully defended his title that he won in similar fashion in CRC 2021.

His song “Jadoo” which is hindi for magic can be used to describe his all round performance which was magical.

Camille “Ranji Baby” Ranjitsingh won the CRC 2022 Rani Title by split decision. The judges were impressed with her elocution of her song “Chamkay“.

The song also advocated that we don’t have to abuse alcohol to have fun which is in stark contrast to norm topics chosen by chutney soca artists.

Ranji Baby also won Best New Artist in the Awards 2021.

CRC 2022 joel wining

Joel “Connector” Davis won second place also repeating his 2nd place from CRC 2021. His song “Chutney Soca Vibez” certainly raised the energy of the competition.

CRC 2022 nikkyyyNekaisha “Nikki” Mohammed won second place and had the best presentation showcasing steel pan, african drumming and iron percussion. She was also smartly dressed in traditional east indian wear. Her song “Ghar Aaya” details how excited she is that her beloved came home.

CRC 2022 purdey

Miss Purdey Sahadeo sang about how a suitor wanted to marry her but he could not find his dhoti but she did find herself in third place.

CRC 2022 kumar
CRC 2022 kumar

Kumar “Mr Nice Vibes” sang “Ah Want to Go” and left with third place.

Please see judges score tally below for CRC 2022 Raja:

  1. Ricardo “Daddy Chinee” Melville – Jadoo – 258 points
  2. Joel “Connector” Davis – Chutney Soca Vibes – 214 points
  3. Kumar “MrNiceVibes” Seunarine – Ah Want To Go – 204 points

Please see judges score tally below for CRC 2022 Rani:

  1. Camille “Ranji Baby” Ranjitsingh – Chamkay – 244 points
  2. Nekaisha “Nikki” Mohammed – Ghar Aaya – 231 points
  3. Miss Purdey Sahadeo – Dulaha Ke Dhoti – 228 points

Judging Criteria:

  • Singing Ability (Max 30pts)
  • Lyrical Composition (Max 30pts)
  • Presentation (Max 20pts)
  • Stage Presence (Max 10 pts)
  • Chutney Soca Beat (Max 10 pts)


  1. Dr. Visham Bhimull (TT)
  2. Shri Rana Mohip (TT)
  3. Wanita Ramnath (Suriname)

We at would like to thank all competitors and the judges for participating and look forward to CRC 2023. is pleased to announce the Grand Finalists of the Rani, Raja, Rajkumar & Rajkumari Competition 2022 or CRC 2022: Rani 2022:

  • Nekaisha Mohammed
  • Purdey Sahadeo
  • Camille Ranjitsingh Raja 2022:

  • Daddy Chinee (Defending Champion)
  • Joel “Connector” Davis
  • Kumar “MrNiceVibes” Seunarine

There is one entrant in the Rajkumar Competition 2022 who is Aditya Seepersad and no one entered the Rajkumari Competition 2022.

Contestants are required to submit a prerecorded video of a full concert like live performance on or before the 15th of February 2022. The Grand Finals will be aired on’s social media on the 19th of February 2022 at 8pm EST.

Preliminary Round
CRC 2022 – Rani Competition 2022

CRC 2022 – Raja Competition 2022

CRC 2022 – Rajkumar Competition 2022

CRC 2022 – Rajkumari Competition 2022 Rani,Raja, Rajkumar & Rajkumari Competition 2022 better known as CRC 2022 began on the 1st October 2021. The preliminary round is scheduled to end on the 28th January 2022.

We go straight to Finals, which will be held in February 19th 2022.

Relive CRC 2021 here.

We have added two Youth Competitions, Rajkumar & Rajkumari (Prince & Princess) where minors will be allowed to compete by singing Bollywood songs.

The same rules as the Rani & Raja Competition 2021 will be applicable to Rani & Raja Competition 2022. presents the Rani, Raja, Rajkumar & Rajkumari Competition or CRC. CRC 2022 is an Online International Chutney Soca Competition.

  • Online so there are no COVID 19 concerns
  • International to reach maximum amount of competitors
  • Four winners in one competition, Raja part for Men, Rani part for Women, Rajkumar for Males under the age of 18 and Rajkumari for females under the age of 18.


  1. To enter the competition is FREE.
  2. Enter by submitting a one minute of you singing your song using a professionally recorded instrumental or live backing instruments. Think of the video submission as a live audition.
  3. You cannot submit Official Music Videos.
  4. English compositions allowed but bonus points available for proper usage of Hindustani.
  5. NO BOLLYWOOD REMIX OR COVERS for Rani & Raja Competition but Rajkumar & Rajkumari would be allowed to sing those types. Bonus points available for Original lyrics and melody.
  6. Usage of bollywood melodies in the Rani & Raja Competition are allowed but will attract a 15 point penalty per round.
  7. Book songs or folk songs can be used once the songs have not been professionally recorded by another artist cannot be used. For example, An artist cannot sing over Lootay La etc.
  8. You may use your song which was or is used in any other competition.
  9. If you have any concerns over your song selection, please contact us.


The preliminary round deadline is the 31st December and Semi Finalists announced 4th January 2022.

Contestants can enter by uploading a one minute video of you singing your song live using a professionally recorded instrumental or live backing instruments.

Upload the video here

Judges decision final.


Titles until advised otherwise.

If you would like to sponsor CRC 2022. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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