Vee Ram – Thumka Bhi Jai

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Vee Ram Thumka Bhi Jai


Vee Ram – Thumka Bhi Jai produced by Kevin Khan and written by Visham Bhimull of Caribbean Hindustani.

Song: Thumka Bhi Jai
Artiste: Vee Ram
Written by Dr. Visham Bhimull of Caribbean Hindustani
Produced by Kevin Khan and Vee Ram at KK Studios
Mixed by Kevin Khan
Mastered by Nikholai Greene
Dholak and Dhantal by Akash Danie


Bhojpuri Hindi:

Zarā dhīre chalo goriyā thumkā bhī jāe

Hāth mein kanganā, bār mein gajarā
Bālī umariyā sagaro bahut jāe

Sumandar tat par kamariyā lachake
Sab ke jiyā lalachaawe najar jāe

Mausam hiyān ke etnā araj gorī
Gīt sangīt baṛī jādū se bajāe


Go slowly beautiful even your waist shakes

The bangles in your hand and flower in your hair
Your youthful beauty permeates everywhere

At the beach you shake your waist
Enticing everyone

The atmosphere here is quite unique
The music plays which such enchantment

ज़रा धीरे चलो गोरिया थमका भी जाई

हं मे कंगना, बर मे गजरा
बालि उमरिया सगरो बहत जाई

सुमंदर तत परि कामरिया लचके
सब के जिया लालाचावे नजार जा

मौसम हियँ के एताना अरज गोरि
गीता संगी बाṛी साद बाज बाजे


Vee Ram - Thumka Bhi Jai (2020 Chutney)

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